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We are a woman-owned establishment.  Our Mission and Goal is Simple – We want to provide the products and services that will help our customers succeed.  We have the experience, the expertise, the compassion and the drive to dramatically assist in the growth and growth strategies that will accomplish the goals of our clientele – our partners.

The expertise of our principal partners contains well over 60 years experienced in a wide variety of businesses and organizations.  The principal partners have owned and operated businesses specializing in management, marketing, government affairs, public relations, communications, events, community relations, elections and campaign management, fundraising, and other related industries and career paths.  In addition, we are well versed and have knowledge and expertise in financing, commercial real estate and appraisal. 

After being approached by numerous individuals and community leaders, we pinpointed a business philosophy that strives to assist businesses and organizations with growing their business.  Whether this is a start-up venture, reorganization, repurposing, adding new products and services, or taking your organization in a new and bold direction, we will partner with you to make sure all of your needs are met. 

The key word is “partner”.  We don’t just review and advise, we get into the trenches with you.  We meet with you, come to your workplace, observe, take notes, strategize, create a plan to meet the changing needs and direction or your organization, and if needed, implement all the pieces to ensure your success.  Our primary goal is to see that you and your organization do very well and reach all of your goals.     


  • Kathleen Foley
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